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This plugin allows you to configure a global groovy script with assistance of secure-script plugins, and at which condition the script will be executed. secure post script configuration

Variables could be used in groovy script

- All Jenkins Environment Variables are available(use `printenv` to print out).
- `out.println()` could be used to print out information on build log.

Getting started

sample code

out.println("Job: $JOB_NAME build number: $BUILD_NUMBER has been built on $NODE_NAME ")

Caution: All scripts have to be approved before it can be executed by this plugin. you could go to page https://jenkins-domain/scriptApproval to approve scripts. Otherwise, you'll see an error message: Failed to execute groovy script configured by 'secure post script' plugin. Script not yet approved for me.


Refer to our contribution guidelines


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE

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Version: 0.1
Requires Jenkins 2.176.4
Installs: 50
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