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ID: simple-theme-plugin

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This plugin allows to customize Jenkin's appearance with custom CSS and JavaScript. It also allows to replace the Favicon.

For a more user-centric approch to theming, take a look at the Theme Manager plugin.


Some themes can be found on GitHub:


  • @TobiX
  • @mallowlabs


If you want to contribute to this plugin, you probably will need a Jenkins plugin developement environment. This basically means a current version of Java (Java 8 should probably be okay for now) and Apache Maven. See the Jenkins Plugin Tutorial for details.

If you have the proper environment, typing:

$ mvn verify

should create a plugin as target/*.hpi, which you can install in your Jenkins instance. Running

$ mvn hpi:run -Djenkins.version=2.107.3

allows you to spin up a test Jenkins instance on localhost to test your local changes before commiting.

Code Style

This plugin uses the Google Java Code Style and enforces that fact when building. If your build fails with

[ERROR] Found 1 non-complying files, failing build
[ERROR] To fix formatting errors, run "mvn fmt:format"

Just do exactly that:

$ mvn fmt:format

to reformat all Java code in the proper style.


The MIT License (MIT)

  • Copyright (c) 2011 mallowlabs
  • Copyright (c) 2018-2020 TobiX