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This plugin and its dependencies form a suite of plugins that lets you orchestrate automation, simple or complex. See the Jenkins Pipeline documentation for more details.
Documentation on the Jenkins site:

Other information about Pipeline is available in GitHub. Quick links:

Formerly known as the Workflow plugin. Originally inspired by the discontinued Build Flow Plugin.

Developer Notes

Plugins that implement Pipeline steps or integrate with Pipeline-related APIs should not depend on workflow-aggregator because it includes many unncessary dependencies. Instead, they should depend only on the plugins that provide the APIs necessary for the integration. For the common case of implementing a Pipeline step, plugins typically only need to depend on workflow-step-api. In order to test Pipeline-related functionality, plugins need test-scope dependencies on workflow-job and workflow-cps. Additional test-scope dependencies on plugins like workflow-durable-task-step or workflow-basic-steps may be needed for more complex tests.

Version History

See GitHub Releases. For older versions, see historical changelog.