Theme Manager

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Adds theme management to Jenkins, at a global or user level.

Getting started

There's normally no need to install this plugin directly as the theme you install will depend on this.

First you will want to install a theme plugin through the Jenkins Update Center.

Known themes

Just send a pull request to add your theme to the list if create one

Configuring the plugin

You can configure this plugin globally, or each user can configure it in their configuration as well.


Manage Jenkins → Configure System → Themes

Global configuration

You can stop users from being able to change their theme by selecting the 'Do not allow users to select a different theme' checkbox


'Your name' profile link (in top right) → Configure → Themes

Configuration as Code example

    disableUserThemes: true
    theme: "noOp" # noOp is no theme, change this to the name of the theme plugin you're using, i.g. 'darkSystem'

Creating a new theme

See our developer guide.


Refer to our contribution guidelines.


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE.