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This is an attempt to port the Afonso F's Jenkins material theme ( to use Theme Manager plugin ( This should allow Jenkins administrators to easily switch themes and allow users to select their own theme.



Screenshot jenkins-material-red main


Screenshot jenkins-material-red main

Running (development)

To build and run this plugin you should only need to run:

mvn clean hpi:run

Development tools

Here is a list of the tools (and versions) I have in my development enviornment - outside of those handeled in the pom.xml. Java 11 Maven 3.5


To release a new version of this plugin, please follow these steps:


I am not a front-end web or Java developer. The CCS in the project has mostly been copied from The Java in this project has modified from the dark theme plugin (

Future work

  • Add the ability for users to define custom theme pallets.
  • Need to add tests to check:
    • That when a theme is loaded through the UI, that the correct theme is loaded.

Thanks to