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This repository contains a dark theme for Jenkins.


Installing via Jenkins update center

To install this theme search for 'Dark theme' in your Jenkins update center.

Then go to the "Configure System" page, search for 'Built-in Themes' and select 'Dark (Respect OS/Browser system setting)'

or with the configuration-as-code plugin:

    disableUserThemes: true
    theme: "darkSystem" # use 'dark' for forcing the dark theme regardless of OS settings

Users can configure the theme from their user profile page, see the theme-manager documentation, for more information.

Simple theme plugin

If you can't install this plugin for some reason you can use the Simple Theme Plugin.

See the plugin documentation for theme installation guidelines.

Note: replace 'tag-name' with the latest released version: GitHub release

The CSS URLs are:

  • theme.css - forces dark theme for all users
  • theme-system.css - respects users system setting for dark / light mode, in most cases this is the theme you should be using

or with the configuration-as-code plugin:

      - cssUrl:
          url: "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/jenkinsci/dark-theme@<tag-name>/theme-system.css"
          #url: "https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/jenkinsci/dark-theme@<tag-name>/theme.css"


Main screen:

Main screen

Build console:

Build console log

Browser compatibility

The theme should be compatible with all modern browsers.

No version of IE will be supported.

Jenkins compatibility

This project is in active development and needs a recent version of Jenkins.

We will do our best to not break new versions of the theme against older supported versions of Jenkins.

To be safe you should use our published releases instead of relying on the master branch



Any contributions to the dark theme and compatibility are welcome! See CONTRIBUTING.md for the contribution guidelines. And thanks to all contributors!