Maven Repository Server

The Jenkins project announced unresolved security vulnerabilities affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):


This plug-in exposes project builds as a Maven repository so the artifacts can be picked up by downstream builds or other systems.

Use in a Maven build pipeline

Add the following to the Jenkins Maven settings.xml file:



Add Maven setting

Add -Pupstream to your Maven "goals and options" (e.g., -Pupstream clean install) to turn on the above profile.

Check the "Define Upstream Maven Repository" checkbox item

Set a specific project, or the project that caused this build.


After installation, archived build artifacts of your Maven jobs will be available as a Maven repository so that other tools or builds that understand Maven repositories can use them directly, without having to upload them to a separate server first.

By Build


Thus an artifact from build 4 of project helloworld might be


By Git SHA1

Alternatively, if your build was executed from source stored in a Git repository, you can access it via the SHA1 ID. The plugin will return the most recent successful build artifacts.


Thus an artifact from build 4 of project helloworld might be


This feature could be used (with an appropriate script) to allow a developer who checks out a particular branch, to automatically sync his local repository with the correctly built artifacts stored in Jenkins. You can access the build without the project name:


Therefore you could sync your repository with something like the following:

wget -e robots=off -P ~/.m2/repository -np -r -nH --cut-dirs=4 http://jenkins:8080/plugin/repository/SHA1/`git rev-parse HEAD`/

All Builds

A repository containing all build artifacts is available at


Chained Builds

The above examples return repositories containing just the artifacts from the particular build. You can get access to a repository that also contains any upstream resources by substituting repository for repositoryChain, e.g.:


Care is needed due to aliasing of artifacts if you have multiple projects generating artifacts with the same coordinate with the everything and repositoryChain modes.


Report issues and enhancements in the Jenkins issue tracker. Use the maven-repository-plugin component in the JENKINS project.


Refer to our contribution guidelines.