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The Jenkins Metrics Aggregation plugin provides a unified view on metrics from various sources.


There are two aspects on using this plugin:

  1. To report metrics from Java code (via PMD), add the post-build-step provided by this plugin (freestyle- and pipeline-builds are supported).
  2. When the metrics-aggregation-plugin is installed, there is a metrics view available on every build, showing the metrics collected from the available sources for this build.

Supported metrics sources

The metrics-aggregation-plugin supports collecting metrics from PMD. See Usage above for more details on how to use this source.

Currently, metrics from the following plugins are used:

If you are a Jenkins plugin maintainer and would like to to add your plugin, all you need to do is to implement the extension point MetricsProviderFactory. Please feel free to open a pull request for adding your plugin to the above list.

If there is anything you would like to add to the extension point, please open a ticket in the Jenkins JIRA.

This plugin was created as part of a masters thesis at University of Applied Sciences, Munich.

All source code is licensed under the MIT license.

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Version: 0.2.0
Requires Jenkins 2.150.3
Installs: 40
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Andreas Pabst
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