Metrics Aggregation

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The Jenkins Metrics Aggregation plugin provides a unified view on metrics from various sources.


There are two aspects on using this plugin:

  1. To report metrics from Java code (via PMD), add the post-build-step provided by this plugin (freestyle- and pipeline-builds are supported).
  2. When the metrics-aggregation-plugin is installed, there is a metrics view available on every build, showing the metrics collected from the available sources for this build.

Supported metrics sources

The metrics-aggregation-plugin supports collecting metrics from PMD. See Usage above for more details on how to use this source.

Currently, metrics from the following plugins are used:

If you are a Jenkins plugin maintainer and would like to to add your plugin, all you need to do is to implement the extension point MetricsProviderFactory. Please feel free to open a pull request for adding your plugin to the above list.

If there is anything you would like to add to the extension point, please open a ticket in the Jenkins JIRA.


To make the plugin work in IntelliJ IDEA, mark the pom.xml of the shaded-pom module as ignored. After that, you may have to reimport the whole project.

This workaround tells IntelliJ to use the generated jar from maven instead of the source (where it can not find the shaded classes). More information can be found in the Jetbrains Bugtracker, e.g. in IDEA-126596.

This plugin was created as part of a masters thesis at University of Applied Sciences, Munich.

All source code is licensed under the MIT license.