Requeue Job

ID: jobrequeue

A plugin to requeue any jobs that fail due to the remote slave going down.


If the server/slave that the job is running on fails for any reason, the job will be added to the queue again to ensure that it is run.
The original job will still appear to have failed, but the job will be run again when a slave is available for processing.
This plugin is very useful if the up time of your slaves are not guaranteed or even otherwise unreliable.

Screen Shot

To use this plugin, you just need to install it, then click the check box in the project properties to requeue jobs.

Change Log

V1.1 @ 2016-09-08

  • Support requeueing jobs with parameters

V1.0 @ 2013-04-17

  • Initial release
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Version: 1.1
Requires Jenkins 1.424
Installs: 260
Dirk Thomas
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