IvyTrigger provides polling mechanisms to poll an Ivy file and triggers a build if an Ivy dependency version has changed.


The plugin makes it possible to monitor the dependencies of an Ivy descriptor.
For example, if a dependency has the following revision 'latest.release' or '2.+' and a new artifact has been deployed in the repository manager (managed by Ivy), a new build is scheduled.

Note: The plugin uses only persistence in memory. There is no impact on the Jenkins infrastructure (no new files created).
This plugin provides a polling typology among the XTrigger Plugin.


Release 0.34

* Added option to control whether or not artifacts are downloaded
* Fix JENKINS-28044 - IvyTrigger plugin description indicates that it "has no impact on the Jenkins infrastructure", but it does download all dependencies to the local file system

Release 0.33

* Added ability to download Ivy settings through URL

Release 0.32

* Fix JENKINS-19796 - IvyTrigger fails on Jenkins 1.532

Release 0.31

* Fix JENKINS-19459 - IvyTrigger reports ERROR - Polling error...

Release 0.30

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.30 (Change locking object)

Release 0.29

* Fix NullPointerException when saving job config

Release 0.27 & 0.28

* Fix JENKINS-17831 - Update to latest xTrigger

Release 0.26

* Fix JENKINS-17641 - Unknown field 'logEnabled' in org.jenkinsci.lib.xtrigger.XTriggerCause

Release 0.25

* Fix JENKINS-17831 - Update to latest xTrigger

Release 0.24

* Add support for multiple properties files

Release 0.23

* set debug field in IvyTriggerEvaluator

Release 0.22

* Upgrade to xtrigger-lib 0.14 (more log)

Release 0.21

* Add extension capabilities (thanks to Stephen Slocum)

Release 0.20

* Fix temporary file deletion

Release 0.19

* Add a debug mode on demand for the resolution artifacts log

Release 0.18

* Fix check when there is no revision in the Ivy pattern (check on timestamp only)

Release 0.17

* Inject propoerties to ivysettings file for variable resolution

Release 0.16

* Fix settings resolutions variable

Release 0.15

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.9
* Fix JENKINS-12992 - Error - Job Copy & Saving Configuration when using Ivy Trigger Plugin (v0.14)
* Introduce a cache system at job level
* Enable to detect changes when no revision is used for a filesystem resolver

Release 0.14

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.8 (Fix JENKINS-12888)

Release 0.13

* Add error messages

Release 0.12

* Add a ivy properties content

Release 0.11

* Fix double startup

Release 0.10

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.7
* Can add variables to Ivy through a properties file

Release 0.9

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.5
* Update to envinject-lib 1.2

Release 0.8

* Update to xtrigger-lib 0.3
* Update to envinject-lib 1.0

Release 0.7

* A job is not triggered when Jenkins is quieting down and is buildable

Release 0.6

* Migrate to xtrigger-lib

Release 0.5

* Environment variables are managed

Release 0.4

* Fix node running detection

Release 0.3

* Fix bug for a slave usage

Release 0.2

* Fix help messages

Release 0.1

* Initial release