Instana integration

ID: instana

This plugin provides you with the possibility to inject Release Markers into Instana


The following features are available in both Pipeline and traditional project types:

  • Injecting Release Markers into Instana

Pipeline features

To ingest a Release Marker into Instana you simply need to add releaseMarker to your Pipeline script .

There is one mandatory parameter releaseName and two optional parameters services and applications.

For example

releaseMarker releaseName: "Release 4711"


releaseMarker releaseName: "Test Release ${currentBuild.number}"

If you wish to create a release for a particular timestamp you can use the optional releaseStartTimestamp

releaseMarker releaseName: "Test Release ${currentBuild.number}", releaseStartTimestamp: "1564486446000"

To create a release scoped to a given service or application you can add the services or applications as parameter

// service scoped, single service
releaseMarker releaseName: "Release 4711", services: [service(name: "my-service")]

// service scoped, multiple services
releaseMarker releaseName: "Release 4711", services: [service(name: "my-service-1"), service(name: "my-service-2")]
// application scoped, single application
releaseMarker releaseName: "Release 4711", applications: [application (name: "My Application")]

// application scoped, multiple applications
releaseMarker releaseName: "Release 4711", applications: [application (name: "My Application-1"), application (name: "My Application-2")]
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Version: 1.0.3
Requires Jenkins 2.164.1
Installs: 22
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