Image Tag Parameter1.6Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.164.3ID: image-tag-parameter

Installs: 443
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Stéphane Nsakala




This plungins allows you to define (container) image tags as parameter in you builds.
It use the Docker Registry HTTP API V2 to list tags availaible for an image.


Paremeter Type Selection


Image Selection


Definition in Freestyle / Pipeline UI

This is basically showcased in the above screenshots 😉

Definition in Pipeline

pipeline {
  agent any

  parameters {
    imageTag credentialId: '', description: '', filter: 'lts.*', image: 'jenkins/jenkins', name: 'DOCKER_IMAGE', registry: ''

  stages {
    stage('Test') {
      steps {
        echo "$DOCKER_IMAGE"

Exposed Environment Variables (and params, since version 1.6)

Based on default Jenkins behaviour you can use params.imageTagParameterName to access the value of imageName:imageTag, but since you most of the time only need the image tag by itself the plugin also exports some additional environment variables.

  • $imageTagParameterName_TAG (or env.imageTagParameterName_TAG) contains only the tag value without the image name
  • $imageTagParameterName_IMAGE (or env.imageTagParameterName_IMAGE) contains only the name of the image without the tag

how to build the Jenkins Plugin

Install skdman

sudo apt install zip
curl -s "" | bash
source .sdkman/bin/ 

install JDK and Maven

sdk install java 8.0.232-open
javac -version
sdk install maven
mvn -version

install fontconfig on ubuntu

sudo apt install -y fontconfig

Error without fontconfig

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at sun.awt.FontConfiguration.getVersion(
        at sun.awt.FontConfiguration.readFontConfigFile(

test, build and package

mvn verify
mvn hpi:run
mvn package

Plugin ./target/Image_Tag_Parameter.hpi can be installed on any jenkins instance

access the dev environment

Point the url to http://localhost:8080/jenkins

Publish to Jenkins plugin repo

see (.m2/settings.xml and ssh keys)

mvn release:prepare release:perform
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