File Operations

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This plugin's main goal is to provide cross platform file operations as Build step. It also provides the same functionality as Pipeline step.

No need to search for *Nix or Win commands to do file operations.

List of steps:

  1. File Copy Operation
  2. File Delete Operation
  3. File Create Operation
  4. File Download Operation
  5. File Transform Operation
  6. File UnTar Operation
  7. File UnZip Operation
  8. Folder Create Operation
  9. Folder Copy Operation
  10. Folder Delete Operation
  11. File Join
  12. File Properties To Json
  13. File Zip Operation
  14. File Rename Operation
  15. Folder Rename Operation

For more details about about each step please refer to: File Operations Steps

Version History

See the changelog

Build step usage screenshot


See the Job DSL usage example.