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Compress Build Log1.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.7.4ID: compress-buildlog

Installs: 598
Last released: 6 months ago
Daniel Beck

Plugin Information

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The Compress Build Log Plugin allows to configure jobs to have their build logs compressed. For a long time, Jenkins has supported showing gzipped build logs on the UI and through its APIs, but had no facility to compress build logs. This plugin implements that.

Configuring build log compression

In a job configuration, check "Compress Build Log" and save. You're done! From then on, when builds finish, their build log will be compressed to a log.gz file, after which the original log file will be removed. Jenkins will transparently access the log.gz file when the build log is viewed or downloaded.

Pipeline Compatibility

From version 1.1, the Compress Build Log Plugin supports compressing full pipeline build logs, but not the per-step build logs stored separately.

It can be configured either through the UI, or by adding compressBuildLog() to the properties() defined in the Pipeline DSL or Jenkinsfile.

Changes effective immediately

Due to how this plugin is implemented, the change to the property will be effective immediately, so that the current build's log will be compressed after it completes. This is different from some other properties that only take effect for subsequent builds (e.g. defining build parameters).

Known Issues

Some plugins may assume that the build log is a text file and just append to it. If that happens after this plugin rewrites the build log, the log.gz file will contain invalid contents. Examples:

JENKINS-24171 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Version 1.2 (2017-08-14)

  • Requires Jenkins 2.7.4
  • Add support for compressing full Pipeline build logs (but not per-step logs)
  • Add compressBuildLog() symbol for use in Pipeline DSL
  • Add support for compressing the logs of matrix configuration builds (i.e. those doing the actual work)

Version 1.1 – release was skipped

Version 1.0 (2014-10-13)

  • Initial release to address the request JENKINS-2551 - Getting issue details... STATUS
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