Artifact Repository Parameter

ID: artifact-repository-parameter

The goal of the plugin is to make certain information of an artifact repository available as Jenkins build parameter. Currently the following endpoints are supported.

  • Path - Display all deployed artifacts.
  • Version - Display all available versions of an artifact.
  • Repositories - A list of all available repositories.

The following artifact repositories were tested during development.

  • Sonatype Nexus 3 OSS
  • JFrog Artifactory 6 Pro
  • JFrog Artifactory 7 OSS


Detailed instructions how to configure the plugin can be found in docs/

Known Limitations

Blue Ocean

The current version of this plugin does not work with Blue Ocean.

Internet Explorer

The current version of this plugin does not work with any version of Internet Explorer. Use Chrome, Firefox or Edge instead.

Similar plugins

Another plugin with similar features is Maven Artifact ChoiceListProvider. For more details please refer to the plugin's overview page.


To build the plugin please refer to docs/

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Version: 1.0.1
Requires Jenkins 2.190.1
Installs: 82
Frieder Heugel
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