Artifact Repository Parameter

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The goal of the plugin is to make certain information of an artifact repository available as Jenkins build parameter. Currently the following endpoints are supported.

  • Path - Display all deployed artifacts by its path.
  • Version - Display all available versions of an artifact.
  • Repositories - A list of all available repositories.

The following artifact repositories have been tested during development.

  • Sonatype Nexus 3 OSS - 3.42.0-01
  • JFrog Artifactory Cloud
  • JFrog Artifactory 7 OSS - 7.41.13

When someone has access to other versions of Nexus/Artifactory it would be nice to get some feedback whether it's working fine with these versions or not.

Version Warning

Please be aware that version 2.0.0 is not backwards compatible to version 1.x. There is a breaking change in the Display Options section. All results are now displayed in a select box. The option to display the results as a dropdown, radio button or checkbox have been removed. If multiple results must be selectable please make sure to check the Multiple Entries Selectable option.

Furthermore the support for Java 8 was dropped. This plugin now requires Java 11 or higher.

Last but not least the plugin is based on Jenkins LTS version 2.361.2 or higher.


Detailed instructions how to configure the plugin can be found in


If you want to contribute to this project please have a look at

Known Limitations

Blue Ocean

The current version of this plugin does not work with Blue Ocean UI.