ID: SBuild

This plugin allows building projects using SBuild.


The SBuild Plugins enables Jenkins to run SBuild targets directly. Multiple SBuild versions can be used.


  • Manage multiple SBuild installations, which can be automatically downloaded and installed for you
  • Support multiple buildfiles (which translate to --buildfile and --additional-buildfile options)
  • Support to build multiple target.


For the changes of each release, refer to the Changelog.

Jenkins Configuration

Before use, at least one SBuild installation must be configured. You can, of course, configure as much installations as you want. You can, of course, configure as much installations as you want.

Press "Add SBuild" to configure one.

Automatically install an SBuild version

Give a name, e.g. the version and check "Install automatically". Then select the version you want to install from the "Version" drop down selection.

Use of an existing SBuild installation

Give a name and uncheck "Install automatically". Then specify the installation directory of your SBuild installation.

Build Job Configuration

It is recommended to use a "free style" project.

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Version: 1.0.2
Requires Jenkins 1.509.4
Installs: 16
Tobias Roeser
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