IBM z/OS Connector

Plugin for connection of Jenkins CI to IBM zOS including integration of IBM SCLM as SCM.

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Warning This plugin is currently in support-only mode. The z/OS DevOps Pipeline step might suit you better.

Warning Older versions of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before using an older version:


This plugin provides its functions via FTP connection to IBM z/OS LPAR. You can configure your SCLM project on z/OS and then check for the changes via Jenkins.

Features include:

  • Submission of user JCL job (with optional log collected upon finish)
  • Introduction of SCLM as SCM for your projects allowing to checkout SCLM changes
    • The ability to build SCLM projects currently can be performed only┬ávia 'Submit zOS Job' build action

Version differences

Kindly back up your JCL texts before upgrading to version [2.0.0]. The [2.0.0] release uses text files instead of plaintext input, so old jobs will become obsolete.



Job Name must be configured accordingly to your FTP server configuration:

  • If JESINTERFACELEVEL=1 is configured, only a job named USERIDx (USERID - your z/OS user ID, x - strictly 1 character) can be processed correctly (when you are waiting for the job to end).
  • If JESINTERFACELEVEL=2 is configured, no additional considerations are required.