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Visual Expert plugin enables Visual Expert project users to analyze Visual Expert projects and generate documentation for the Visual Expert projects. The purpose of this plugin is to enable jenkins users to automate build commands for Visual Expert project analysis and documentation generation tasks using a very easy to configure user interface.

Getting started

Once Visual Expert plugin is installed to Jenkins server, user can find the Visual Expert in build drop down list. Visual Expert lists the existing projects, user has currently configured in local system, and user can select a Visual Expert project from the list and select the project analysis and/or generate reference/code-review documentation tasks.

After installing Visual Expert plugin, configure the Visual Expert installation path in the tools. Dashboard -> Manage Jenkins -> Tools -> Visual Expert

After setting the Visual Expert installation path, click on Apply and then Save the configuration.

visual expert

Add build step for Visual Expert. visual expert

Select the project from the dropdown list.

required field validation

Select the checkboxes based on operation you would like to perform, like project analysis, generate documentations. If you wish to generate Code Inspection report then enable to report generation and set the required parameters. Also, in-case of report generation, please select the appropriate Code Review Profile in the Visual Expert. Open Visual Expert and in the project setting --> Code Inspection --> Select the appropriate profile. Code rules failure or success decided based on selected profile settings.

visual expert configuration

visual expert build console output

Publishing JUnit test result you could view the test results and it's history as shown below. In the post build event configure JUnit test result report.

visual expert test result

visual expert test history


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