Views containing Job

ID: views-containing-job

This plugin adds an action to Jobs with the option to list views containing this job.

Open issues


1.3.0 (July 31st 2019)

  • Add support for views in folders.

1.2.1 (August 18th 2017)

  • Minor: Changed URL in pom.

1.2 (June 17th 2017)

  • Do not show action on nested items like items in folders or multi branch pipelines.

1.1 (June 30th 2017)

  • Do not add action to items within folders.

1.0 (April 5th 2017)

  • Initial release
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Version: 1.3
Requires Jenkins 2.138.4
Installs: 60
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Jochen A. Fürbacher
Stefan Brausch
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