ID: viewVC

This plugin integrates ViewVC browser interface for CVS and Subversion with Hudson.
Entries in change logs will by hyperlinked to the specified files/diffs in ViewVC.

Change Log

Version 1.7 (2014-01-23)
  • Applied patch for JENKINS-18283
  • Bumped core version up to Jenkins 1.484 to make the plugin build work on Cloudbees Buildhive
Version 1.6 (2013-05-21)
  • Applied patch from JENKINS-4043
  • Bumped versions up to 
    • Jenkins 1.466
    • Subversion 1.23
  • Simplified pom.xml (aligned to other plugins)
Version 1.5 (2011-11-03)
  • JENKINS-11602
Version 1.4 (2011-11-03)
  • broken release, sorry
Version 1.3 (2009-12-29)
  • Add plugin name in metadata
  • Update uses of deprecated APIs
Version 1.2 (2008-03-12)
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Version: 1.7
Requires Jenkins 1.484
Installs: 601
Michael Rumpf
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