VectorCAST Coverage

ID: vectorcast-coverage

Processes code coverage metrics from for VectorCAST Projects


This is a fork of the Emma-plugin; all existing components maintain the existing license. New files are licensed under MIT. Moved or renamed files maintain their old license, and their history can be seen by looking at the source control revision logs.

This plugin allows you to capture code coverage reports from VectorCAST Projects. Jenkins will generate the trend report of coverage. This plugin is used automatically with the VectorCAST Execution Plugin

Coverage information from tests runs that has been converted to XML files is read and displayed by this plugin. It shows coverage trends and allows drilling down to more detailed coverage informantion


This plugin displays coverage and coverage trend data from running VectorCAST/Manage projects with the VectorCAST Execution Plugin. It is added as a dependency to the execution plugin and is automatically used to display coverage data.

The top page of a job will contain coverage trend graph

Both the small coverage trend graph and 'Coverage Trend' menu on the left can be clicked on. Clicking on the 'Coverage Trend' menu will show a full page coverage trend graph.

Clicking on either the small or large coverage trend graph will show more information and so on as you click on additional links

Known Issues


Change Log

Version 0.17 (5 May 2021)

  • Upgrade to commons-digester3

Version 0.16 (20 Jan 2021)

  • Fixed misalignment of charts with an environmnent has no coverage

Version 0.15 (8 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed remote read hang up problem

Version 0.14 (12 Aug 2019)

  • Additional debug logging

Version 0.13 (10 May 2019)

  • Add SimpleBuildStep usage to support freestyle jobs.

Version 0.12 (26 Apr 2019)

  • Update for additional chart fixes

Version 0.11 (25 Apr 2019)

  • Trend Chart not updating correctly with all coverage metrics at 0

Version 0.10 (7 Dec 2016)

  • Support for displaying top-level coverage calculated by VectorCAST Execution Plugin scripts

Version 0.9 (18 Nov 2016)

  • Initial release