useMango Runner

Jenkins plugin for running useMango tests.


Allows users to execute useMango tests on Jenkins.


  • Execute useMango tests on Jenkins
  • Filter tests using account settings
  • Run tests in parallel across multiple nodes
  • Generate JUnit reports


Global Configuration

 Add your useMango account credentials to the global configuration:


Running Tests

 After setting your useMango account credentials, you can start running tests.  To do this, create a Freestyle project and configure.

  • Add the build step Run useMango tests:


  • Set your Project ID (i.e. the name of your project in your useMango account) along with any other filtering:


  • Click Validate to validate your settings (Note: only the tests shown will be executed during the build):


  • Optional: Add the post-build action Publish JUnit test result report and enter results/*.xml as the value for *Test report XMLs:



In order to use the useMango Runner plugin, you will need the following:

  • Credentials

  • Test Results Analyzer

  • Windows node(s) with useMango installed: To run useMango tests you must have Windows slave nodes configured in your Jenkins setup, with useMango installed on each node. To run useMango tests on your Windows node(s), give each node the same label then check Execute tests on labelled nodes and enter the label as the value for Label Expression.