Tuleap Authentication

NOTE : This plugin is only relevant for Tuleap Entreprise users.

This Jenkins plugin is a community effort.

Authentication plugin using Tuleap Oauth2 App. With this plugin:

  • User can be logged in Jenkins by using his Tuleap credentials.
  • Tuleap defined user groups can be used in the Permission Matrix

In the matrix-based security administrator can make reference to:

  • any valid Tuleap user
  • any user group defined in any project with the syntax Tuleap project short name#user group name (example: my_project#project_members)

Please find the documentation at https://docs.tuleap.org/user-guide/ci.html

Report issues

Issues must be reported in Request tracker of the Tuleap project under the category "Jenkins Authentication plugin".

How to install

In order to install the plugin, please follow the Jenkins documentation


  • ROBINSON Clarck
  • GOYOT Martin