Tuleap Authentication

ID: tuleap-oauth

NOTE : This plugin is only relevant for Tuleap Entreprise users.

Authentication plugin using Tuleap Oauth2 App. With this plugin:

  • User can be logged in Jenkins by using his Tuleap credentials.
  • Tuleap defined user groups can be used in the Permission Matrix

In the matrix-based security administrator can make reference to:

  • any valid Tuleap user
  • any user group defined in any project with the syntax Tuleap project short name#user group name (example: my_project#project_members)

For more information about the integration between Tuleap and Jenkins see: https://docs.tuleap.org/user-guide/ci.html?plugins-configuration#continuous-integration


You can either install the plugin via the Jenkins Plugins Marketplace, or manually. If you install the plugin manually you have to:


The plugin global configuration can be found here: https://docs.tuleap.org/user-guide/ci.html?plugins-configuration#jenkins-configuration

NOTE: This plugin and Tuleap Git Branch Source are two independents plugins, you do not need to install Git Branch Source if you just want to use Tuleap Authentication.


To configure the authentication, you can find the documentation here: https://docs.tuleap.org/user-guide/ci.html?plugins-configuration#authentication-configuration


To configure the authorization matrix, you can find the documentation here: https://docs.tuleap.org/user-guide/ci.html?plugins-configuration#authorization-configuration