Test Results Aggregator


It's a Jenkins plugin that collects jobs and test results and reports them in :

  • html,
  • email,
  • graphs

Test Results Aggregator can collect test results for :

and code coverage results for :

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Job results per build Job results history
Job results history main view Email report


It is advisable to be used as the last step in a CI/CD pipeline.

Supports 'free style project' and 'pipeline'

Requires both global and job configuration .

Global Configuration

After installing this plugin, navigate to Global Configuration. Scroll down for Test Result Aggregator :

Global Configuration

In this section you can define :

Argument Description
Jenkins Base Url The HTTP address of the Jenkins installation, such as http://yourhost.yourdomain/jenkins/ .This is used to access Jenkins API.
Jenkins Account Username username of the account that will be used to access Jenkins API and fetch job results.
Jenkins Account password/token password or token of the account that will be used to access Jenkins API and fetch job results.
Mail Notification From sender for the mail Notification. Default is "Jenkins".

Extra Notes :

  • Mail notification requires also the Jenkins Global Configuration setting for SMTP server
  • All Jobs that running tests should publish their own test results (Junit, testNG, Nunit). The same stands for coverage results (Jacoco).

Job Configuration

Release Notes

See the Github releases page.

  • 1.1.x Requires Jenkins < 2.277
  • 1.2.x Requires Jenkins >= 2.277
  • 2.x Integration with jenkins client library
  • 2.1.x Java 11