SSH2 Easy

ID: ssh2easy

This plugin allows you to ssh2 remote server to execute linux commands , shell , sftp upload, downlaod etc

Quick Introduce

I ever worked at cloud system CI related tasks , Till now , There are several SSH and ACL plugins , But they didn't fulfill our team's requirements towards its management design and function , Base on that , I  redesign and rebuild this new plugin during my daily work , As time went by , This plugin always provide good solution and resolve SSH and ACL requirements almost compared with others , Its main advantages includes :

1, In a cloud based large scale company , Its development environment and testing environment is so complicated , its application deploy mode is multi-styles base on different product , Some of others SSH plugin can't work on such as Nohup start related features , when its SSH2 input stream and output stream is keep alive , their build process will hung on etc , This Plugin - SSH2Easy can resolve this problem .

2, When there are so many servers need to management by Jenkins , We will need to input so many redundancy SSH info , such as SSH port , SSH username , password with the other SSH plugins , Actually , the most of VM and Servers have the same information for these items , Just only its host IP is different , So If you use this plugin - SSH2Easy , it is more convenient to manage them by SeverGroup mode .

3, This plugin also provide "Disable" feature for its build steps , During daily work , this feature is also very convenient .

4. This plugin also provide to support Multi-Projects and Multi-Teams share the same Jenkins System but with JobName level and ViewTab level ACL strategy 

Overall , This plugin want to provide very simple and easy ways for its useful features of SSH2  and ACL related features , So I want to share it on public Jenkins Plugin Center here , Hope helpful to some of us towards on SSH2 and ACL related requirements  .

1. SSH2 accounts group management

2. SSH2 remote shell  and command

3. SFTP remote upload and download

4. Project and View pattern based ACL strategy

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Version: 1.4
Requires Jenkins 1.612
Installs: 6,219
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Jerry Cai
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