Sonar Quality Gates

The current version of this plugin contains a vulnerability:
Version: 1.3.1Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.89.3ID: sonar-quality-gates
Installs: 5570
Last released:
Rafael Ramos de Oliveira

Jenkins plugin that fails the build if the predefined sonar quality gates are not green.

Sonarqube supported versions

  • Sonar 5.6
  • Sonar 6.x+


  1. In Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Quality Gates - Sonarqube add yours sonar configuration.

    • If token is specified, the parameters account login and account password will be ignored.

    Plugin Configuration

  2. In jenkins job add a Post-build Actions -> Quality Gates Sonarqube Plugin and set the sonar instance, if you have multiple sonar configurations, and Project key .

    Job Configuration


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