This plugin allows pushing information to rally


Ashish and I at IDeaS were discussing how we could update rally with code changes information happening on multiple projects which were using multiple SCM (perforce, svn, cvs etc) systems. We did not want to write hooks for each SCM separatly because of efforts & maintenance cost. We wanted it to happen through some central system.

The natural choice was to use Jenkins where our multiple projects build run after each SCM change. We then come up with an idea of writing a plug-in which will take code change information of each build and update it to Rally using its Rest APIs.  

What does this plugin do?

  1. pulls SCM ChangeSets information from Jenkins Build and push it to rally defect or story. You can configure how this information should be pulled; at each build, between only successfull builds or may be between two dates to fill the backlog and ofcourse you change your choice anytime by changing the configuration.
  2. picks up Task details [status, actual hrs, todo hrs etc] from scm comments (if provided)  and updates rally task details accordingly. This is to give developer ability to update rally through their code comments itself. This is completly optional though.
  3. This plugin saves us from writing check-in hooks to svn, cvs etc which is difficult if organisation uses more than one config management tool.
  4. Build will not fail if for any reason the changes couldn't be posted to rally. The failure reason will be available onto console for investigation purpose.


For configuration instructions please see the project page on GitHub.

Change Log

Note : for legacy reasons, plugin ID was "rally-update-plugin-1". To upgrade to future release, first uninstall this plugin.

Release 1.0 (Apr 11th, 2013):

  • Updates changeset information to rally defects and story
    • Pulls the information like files changed for the story or defect from Jenkins and updates the rally accordingly


  • Updates Task details like actual, todo hrs and status rally task if provided in a comments while checking in cod
    • Template: <StoryDefectNumber>: TId: <TaskNumber>, status: <WorkStatus>, Actuals: <ActualEfforts>, ToDo: <ToDOHours>, <Comments>
    • e.g.
      • US5489: TId: TA15876, status: In-progress, Actuals: 1.5, ToDo: .5, added toggle for new functionality
    • If we don’t remember the Task Id i.e. TID then we can put Task Index [TI] instead to update the task details. In following example it will update the 2^(nd) task of US5489.
      • US5489: TI: 2, status: In-progress, Actuals: 1.5, ToDo: .5, added toggle for new functionality
    • When we mark status of the task as completed the ToDo automatically becomes 0
    • The Actuals, Status, ToDo are all optional and we only need to mention those which we want to update

Release 1.2 (June 8th, 2013): 

  •  SCM repository name and SCM URI made optional


    • The SCM Repository name and URI on configuration confused many of us.
    • We want to reiterate that the plugin does not depend upon any SCM [git, cvs, svn etc] for its working. It solely depends upon Jenkins core and not on SCM to pull the code changes information.
    • The SCM information we ask  on configuration page is just to provide a ability to put hyperlink to code files to allow you navigate to code repository from within rally.
    • But now we made these two fields optional and leave them blank you don't want hyperlink or have this information.

Release 1.3 (Feb 5th, 2014): 

  • made plugin compatible with rally api 2.0

Release 1.4 (Feb 24th, 2014): 

  • Jacob Schoen -added provision to input proxy detail to allow plugin connect to rally even if your jenkins is running behind enterprise proxy.

Release 2.0 (July 4th, 2015):

BREAKING CHANGE: Version 2.0 is startlingly different than 1.x. You will need to reconfigure if you upgrade!

  • Upgraded the version of the Rally REST Toolkit for Java dependency from 2.0.1 to 2.1.1
  • Updated authentication from Rally Username/Password (which was deprecated) to using API Key
  • Removed the feature that constrained Rally updates to a date range (instead of "last build" or "last successful build"). I really didn't understand why someone would do this. I'm not averse to it, but depending on user need there may be a better way to address it
  • Added deep linking into an SCM web view from Rally Changesets
  • Added ability to create the Rally Repository object if it didn't already exist
  • Added tests (up to ~75% coverage now!)
  • General refactoring
  • Removed 'debug' console output option
  • Wrote up a project page using GitHub Pages, linked in the 'Configuration' section above

Release 2.1 (August 15th, 2015):

  • Added ability to associate changesets with more than one work item

Release 2.2 (October 12th, 2015):

BREAKING CHANGE: Version 2.2 has moved to a Publish step instead of a Build step to better reflect the plugin's intent. You will need to reconfigure if you upgrade!

  • Plugin now has the option of capturing the build status and storing that information in Rally

Release 2.2.1 (November 24th, 2015)

  • Fixed bug in credential handling; should be able to handle DSL-based configuration without embedding credential information