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platform labeler
5.0Minimum Jenkins requirement: 2.164.3ID: platformlabeler

Installs: 195
Last released: 3 days ago
Mark Waite

Adds labels to Jenkins agents based on characteristics of the operating system running the agent. Labels commonly include operating system name, version, and architecture.

Platform Operating System Version Architecture
Alpine Alpine 3.9.4 amd64
Amazon Linux AmazonAMI 2018.03 amd64
Amazon Linux 2 Amazon 2 amd64
CentOS 6 CentOS 6.10 amd64
CentOS 7 CentOS 7.7.1908 amd64
Debian 9 Debian 9.11 amd64
Debian 10 Debian 10 aarch64
Debian 10 Debian 10 amd64
Debian testing Debian testing amd64
FreeBSD 11 freebsd 11.1-STABLE amd64
FreeBSD 12 freebsd 12.0-RELEASE amd64
Oracle Linux 6 OracleServer 6.10 amd64
Oracle Linux 7 OracleServer 7.6 amd64
Oracle Linux 8 OracleServer 8.0 amd64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RedHatEnterprise 7.7 amd64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 RedHatEnterprise 8.0 amd64
Scientific 6.10 Scientific 6.10 amd64
Scientific 7.7 Scientific 7.7 amd64
SLES 11.3 SUSE 11.3 amd64
SLES 12.1 SUSE 12.1 amd64
SLES 12.2 SUSE 12.2 amd64
SLES 15 SUSE 15 amd64
Ubuntu 14 Ubuntu 14.04 amd64
Ubuntu 16 Ubuntu 16.04 amd64
Ubuntu 18 Ubuntu 18.04 amd64
Windows 10 windows 10.0 amd64

On Linux computers, the plugin uses the output of the lsb_release command. If lsb_release is not installed, labels on Linux agents will be guessed based on values in /etc/os-release. Redhat and Scientific agents have another fallback based on /etc/redhat-release. Agents with an older version of SuSE will fallback to /etc/SuSE-release. Older versions of this plugin might return "sles" or "SUSE LINUX" as OS name. This has been unified to "SUSE" as this is the lsb_release ID since SLES 12 SP2.

When /etc/os-release is used, less detailed labels are provided. For example:

Platform Operating System Version Architecture
CentOS 7 CentOS 7 amd64

One can configure globally and per agent which labels should be generated. To define the labels for an agent, just check 'Automatic Platform Labels' in the Node Properties section and select the labels you want to have.