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Adds the Pipeline build step, which triggers builds of other jobs.

Passing secret values to other jobs

The recommended approach to pass secret values using the build step is to use credentials parameters:

build(job: 'foo', parameters: [credentials('parameter-name', 'credentials-id')])

See the user guide for the Credentials Plugin for a general overview of how credentials work in Jenkins and how they can be configured, and the documentation for the Credentials Binding Plugin for an overview of how to access and use credentials from a Pipeline.

The build step also supports passing password parameters, but this is not recommended. The plaintext secret may be persisted as part of the Pipeline's internal state, and it will not be automatically masked if it appears in the build log. Here is an example for reference:

build(job: 'foo', parameters: [password('parameter-name', 'secret-value')])

Version History

See the changelog.

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Version: 2.13
Requires Jenkins 2.176.4
Installs: 268,357
Jesse Glick
Andrew Bayer
Sam Van Oort
Devin Nusbaum
Carroll Chiou
Liam Newman
Karl Shultz
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