PegDown Formatter

The Jenkins project announced an unresolved security vulnerability affecting the current version of this plugin (why?):

Deprecated: This plugin has been marked as deprecated. In general, this means that this plugin is either obsolete, no longer being developed, or may no longer work.

More information about the cause of this deprecation, and suggestions on how to proceed may be found in the documentation below.

Pegdown formatter plugin - Deprecated

This plugin is deprecated. It has not been released in over 12 years. It has a known security vulnerability.

Instead use the Markdown formatter plugin.


  • Use PegDown to format Markdown syntax in descriptions in Jenkins, eg, view, job, build, the system message, etc.
  • Disable HTML to prevent XSS
  • Enable/ disable all of the PegDown extensions


This plugin is compatible with any version of Jenkins (1.396+)


This plugin can be installed from the Plugin Manager (Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins) under "User Interface".

To install manually, download the latest plugin from and use the Upload Plugin option in the Advanced tab of the Plugin Manager.


In Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security, select "Enable security".
Next to Markup Formatter, select "PegDown" from the drop down list.

To ensure that Jenkins does not lose configuration when you return to the Configure System page, make sure that you select one of the Security Realms.
To leave Jenkins "open" select "Jenkins's own user database" and "Anyone can do anything" under Authorization.


Select this option to strip HTML from the description fields

Advanced options

Clicking on the Advanced button will reveal the following extensions which can be enabled/disabled individually.


See the PegDown GitHub page for details of these extensions.

Change log

1.3 (09/04/2012)

  • Enable the plugin to work with Jenkins 1.455 onwards JENKINS-13111

1.2 (04/08/2011)

  • HTML syntax highlighting disabled when SUPPRESS_ALL_HTML is selected (in Jenkins 1.425+)

1.1 (26/07/2011)

  • Added the ABBREVIATIONS extension option

1.0 (26/07/2011)

  • Initial release

Questions, Comments, Bugs and Feature Requests

Please post questions or comments about this plugin to the Jenkins User mailing list.
To report a bug or request an enhancement to this plugin please create a ticket in JIRA.