Maven SNAPSHOT Check

Maven SNAPSHOT Check Plugin

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This plugin used to check if pom.xml contains SNAPSHOT.


FreeStyle job usage

use the Build Step called Maven SNAPSHOT Check in Build section


If check the checkbox, it will check if pom.xml contains SNAPSHOT.


Then it will marked the build failed if matches.


Maven job usage

use the pre-build step called Maven SNAPSHOT Check in Pre Steps section pre-build-step

Pipeline job usage

step([$class: 'MavenSnapshotCheck', check: 'true'])


mavenSnapshotCheck check: 'true'

or, you can customize the pomFiles parameter to check only the specified pom files (If the pomFiles parameter is not defined, its default value is pom.xml, * */pom.xml)

mavenSnapshotCheck check: 'true', pomFiles: 'pom.xml,sub-dir/pom.xml'

Bug reports

Please report bugs and feature requests at

How to build and test

  • Build the plugin:

mvn package

  • Test locally (invokes a local Jenkins instance with the plugin installed):

mvn hpi:run

See for details.