Katalon Plugin for Jenkins helps integrate Katalon Studio and Katalon TestOps with Jenkins easily. Katalon Studio will be downloaded and deployed automatically.


To learn more about using this plugin, you can refer to the following documents:

Integrate Katalon Studio with Jenkins.

Integrate Katalon TestOps with Jenkins.


Use the command mvn clean hpi:run -Djetty.port=8090 to debug the plugin.

See the instructions at https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Plugin+tutorial.

Companion products

Katalon TestOps

Katalon TestOps is a web-based application that provides dynamic perspectives and an insightful look at your automation testing data. You can leverage your automation testing data by transforming and visualizing your data; analyzing test results; seamlessly integrating with such tools as Katalon Studio and Jira; maximizing the testing capacity with remote execution.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a free and complete automation testing solution for Web, Mobile, and API testing with modern methodologies (Data-Driven Testing, TDD/BDD, Page Object Model, etc.) as well as advanced integration (JIRA, qTest, Slack, CI, Katalon TestOps, etc.). Learn more about Katalon Studio features.