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Katalon Studio
1.0.7Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.625.3ID: katalon

Katalon Plugin

This plugin will help download, deploy, and execute Katalon Studio on Jenkins servers automatically.


How to use Katalon plugin for Jenkins on Ubuntu.


  • Install the plugin.

  • Go to project Configure > Build > Add build step > Execute Katalon Studio Tests.

  • Provide the Katalon Studio version to be downloaded and the command arguments for executing the tests. If you have installed Katalon Studio yourself, please provide its location in Use pre-installed Katalon Studio.

  • Save the configuration.

Publish the JUnit reports

  • Go to Add post-build action > Publish JUnit test result report.

  • Set the value Test report XMLs to Reports/**/JUnit_Report.xml.

  • Latest Test Result will be shown in the project page after every build.

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