Junit SQL Storage

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Implements the pluggable storage API for the JUnit plugin.

In common CI/CD use-cases a lot of the space is consumed by test reports. This data is stored within JENKINS_HOME, and the current storage format requires huge overheads when retrieving statistics and, especially trends. In order to display trends, each report has to be loaded and then processed in-memory.

The main purpose of externalising Test Results is to optimize Jenkins performance by querying the desired data from external storage.

This plugin adds a SQL extension, we currently support PostgreSQL and MySQL, others can be added, create an issue or send a pull request.

Tables will be automatically created.

Getting started

Install your database vendor specific plugin, you can use the Jenkins plugin site to search for it:


e.g. you could install the PostgreSQL Database plugin.


Manage Jenkins → Configure System → Junit

In the dropdown select 'SQL Database'

JUnit SQL plugin configuration

Manage Jenkins → Configure System → Global Database

Select the database implementation you want to use and click 'Test Connection' to verify Jenkins can connect

JUnit SQL plugin database configuration

Click 'Save'

Configuration as code

        database: "jenkins"
        hostname: "${DB_HOST_NAME}"
        password: "${DB_PASSWORD}"
        username: "${DB_USERNAME}"
        validationQuery: "SELECT 1"
    storage: "database"


Refer to our contribution guidelines


Licensed under MIT, see LICENSE