ID: jaxb

This plugin is an API plugin aimed at easing the transition for plugins to run correctly in Jenkins running in Java 11. 

As an end user, you should generally never have to install this plugin yourself. It is designed to be automatically installed as a dependency for plugins needing to access the JAXB API that has been removed from the JDK in Java 9+.

For developers

If you are a developer and your plugin is using JAXB and you cannot remove the dependency:

  • If your minimum baseline is < 2.164, you should consider adding an explicitly dependency against it. 
  • if your minimum baseline is >= 2.164, you must add the dependency against this plugin so your plugin doesn't crash while running on a JRE 11.

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Requires Jenkins 2.163
Installs: 50,797
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Oleg Nenashev
Baptiste Mathus
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