Ionicons API

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This plugin provides ionicons, also known as "symbols", for your Jenkins plugins.

Add the ionicons-api as dependency to your pom.xml:

See the plugin site for a snippet.

To use a symbol, reference the icon as following:


<l:icon src="symbol-symbolName-outline plugin-ionicons-api" />


l.icon(src:"symbol-symbolName-outline plugin-ionicons-api")


public String getIconClassName() {
    return "symbol-symbolName-outline plugin-ionicons-api";

Preferably, use symbols containing -outline, if available, they fit the best in the Jenkins UI and are used in the Jenkins plugin ecosystem.

A list of all symbols is available on the Ionicons website.

Custom icon additions are documented on GitHub.

More information about symbols and themes in Jenkins can be found on

If an icon is not theme-able, please raise an issue.