HTML5 Notifier

Deprecated: This plugin has been marked as deprecated. In general, this means that this plugin is either obsolete, no longer being developed, or may no longer work.

More information about the cause of this deprecation, and suggestions on how to proceed may be found in the documentation below.

HTML5 Notifier Plugin

Provides W3C Web Notifications support for builds.

Browser compatibility

This plugin is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Other browsers do not support HTML5 notifications right now. You can check this website for details :


Safari Notification
System Configuration
Job Configuration


1.5 (released 2015-03-06)

1.3 (released 2014-08-01)

  • JENKINS-16236 - upgrade to use current html5 notification spec. Removes html in the notifications but now works again.

1.2 (released 2012-04-06)

  • updated minimum required core to v1.455 to pick up prototype.js:1.7
  • JENKINS-13138 - Verify action doesn't work with CSRF option
  • JENKINS-13322 - Configure tab freezes when using both the HTML5 notifier plugin and the Android Emulator Plugin
  • JENKINS-12538 - java.lang.String cannot be cast to net.sf.json.JSONArray
  • JENKINS-13038 - HTML5 notifier plugin breaks Jenkins with CSRF protection

1.1 (released 2012-02-02)

  • JENKINS-11618 - prototype.js
  • added per-job job property to skip notifications
  • added ability to only notify on different build result than previous
  • cleaned up the notification area html

1.0 (released 2011-10-19)

  • initial implementation
  • fully I18N compliant