Gerrit Checks API


This plugin adds a REST API endpoint that allows to query for Runs working on a given Patchset in Gerrit. The REST API returns a list of CheckRun objects that are meant to be used by a plugin implementing the Checks-API in Gerrit to fill checks-related information in the Gerrit UI.

Getting started

This plugin depends on the Lucene index provided by the lucene-search plugin. If the index was not already built, this has to be done before the REST API can be used. The process of how to build the index can be found here.

Using the REST-API

Query Runs

Get all Runs for a given patchset. The response follows the Checks-API objects defined in Gerrit as closely as possible.


GET /gerrit-checks/runs?change=$CHANGE_NUMBER&patchset=$PATCHSET_NUMBER


    // List of all Runs found for the queried patchset
    "runs": [
            // Timestamp at which the Run was scheduled
            "scheduledTimestamp": "2022-11-07T13:04:12.609Z",
            // Description of the Jenkins job
            "checkDescription": "",
            // Change number (same as provided in request parameter)
            "change": 101,
            // For now the same as `checkLink`
            "statusLink": "",
            // ID of the Run used by Jenkins
            "externalId": "gerrit-trigger#5",
            // Timestamp at which the Run finished. `null` if the Run hasn't
            // finished yet
            "finishedTimestamp": "2022-11-07T13:04:13.051Z",
            // Name of the job
            "checkName": "gerrit-trigger",
            // Attempt-number of this check for the given patchset
            "attempt": 1,
            // Patchset number (same as provided in request parameter)
            "patchSet": 4,
            // Timestamp at which this Run started
            "startedTimestamp": "2022-11-07T13:04:12.626Z",
            // Single line summary of the build status
            "statusDescription": "stable",
            // URL to the Run
            "checkLink": "",
            // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET. Which label does this Run vote on
            "labelName": "",
            // A list of actions the client can trigger for this Run
            "actions": [
                // Rerun action
                    // Whether to show the action below the commit message
                    "summary": false,
                    // Which data has to be sent with the request
                    "data": null,
                    // Which method has to be used with the request
                    "method": "POST",
                    // Name of the action
                    "name": "Rerun",
                    // Tooltip for the action
                    "tooltip": "Run the build for the patchset again.",
                    // Whether the action is disabled
                    "disabled": false,
                    // URL to be used for the action
                    "url": "",
                    // Whether to show this action prominently as a button
                    "primary": true
            // List of the Run's results
            "results": [
                    // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET. Summary of the result
                    "summary": "",
                    // Same as th Run's external ID
                    "externalId": "gerrit-trigger#5",
                    // List of links for this Run
                    "links": [
                        // Link to the logs of the Run
                            // Which icon to use (
                            "icon": "CODE",
                            // Tooltip for the link
                            "tooltip": "Build log.",
                            // The link URL
                            "url": "",
                            // Whether the link will be shown directly in the table
                            "primary": true
                    // The result category of the Run (
                    "category": "SUCCESS",
                    // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
                    "codePointers": [],
                    // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
                    "message": "",
                    // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
                    "actions": [],
                    // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
                    "fixes": [],
                    // NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.
                    "tags": []
            // Status of the build (
            "status": "COMPLETED"


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Licensed under Apache 2.0, see LICENSE