A plugin that allows Jenkins to trigger a build workflow in FlexDeploy


Can trigger a project build in FlexDeploy
When used with the Jenkins Plugin for FlexDeploy, makes it easy to deploy artifacts using FlexDeploy
For more detailed information, check out the FlexDeploy Wiki


Jenkins plugin 1.9.6 requires FlexDeploy version 4.0+ and Java 7+
Jenkins plugin 2.0 requires FlexDeploy version 5.7+ and Java 8
Jenkins plugin 3.0 requires FlexDeploy version 6.0+ and Java 8+


Visit the FlexDeploy wiki for recommended usage instructions and more detailed information about the plugin
Jenkins plugin 2.0 wiki
Jenkins plugin 3.0 wiki


Download the source zip file and extract it
Run mvn package to build. Then upload the compiled .hpi to your Jenkins server