Failed Job Deactivator

ID: failedJobDeactivator

Allows admins to detect orphaned jobs automatically and deactivate or delete these jobs.This is a management tool that helps Jenkins admins to detect orphaned jobs and deletes or disables chosen jobs.


Open issues


Release 2.0 (upcoming)

  • Complete reengineering.
  • Spport for Pipelines and Folders.
  • Huge performance improvement.
  • No more global and job configuration needed.
  • Filter jobs by regex.
  • ...and much more!

Release 1.2.1 (8 September 2015)

  • (error) Bugfix: CSV export

Release 1.2 (27 August 2015)

  • (tick) Possibility to change detection rules on start page
    • Ignore individual deadlines of job config
    • Also show deactivated jobs
    • Also show excluded jobs
    • Reconfigure deadlines
  • (tick) Export detected jobs (including all information of overview page) to CSV.
  • (tick) Detect responsible users (using JobConfigHistory).
  • (error) Fix bug if there are other items than instances of AbstractProject.

Release 1.1.2 (13 August 2015)

  • (error) Deactivated date of first job config (buggy)

Release 1.1 (3 August 2015)

  • (tick) In the overview page of detected jobs: Possibility to switch to deactivation, to deletion or to ignore of each job retrospectively.
  • When performing first job configuration after plugin installation: save timestamp in job config (used in detection of jobs that have never been built).

Release 1.0 (24 July 2015)

  • Initial release

Possible future features

  • Possibility of adding additional detection rules

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Version: 1.2.1
Requires Jenkins 1.607
Installs: 25
Jochen A. Fuerbacher
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