Email Ext Recipients Column

ID: email-ext-recipients-column

This plugin allows you to add a column showing the recipients configured in email-ext-plugin for every project.


Create a brand new View or edit an old one and just add the column "Email Ext Recipients" from the list.

If data cannot be obtained for a certain project, then "No data" will stand in the corresponding row and column. (Usually due to an error/exception in retrieving the information)

If the Email-ext-plugin is not enabled for a certain project, then "Disabled" will stand in the corresponding row and column.

Important - in order to use this plugin you must have the  Email-ext-plugin installed.

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Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error.

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Change log

Version 1.0 - (18.04.2013)

  • First release.


  The plugin is open source.

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Version: 1.0
Requires Jenkins 1.494
Installs: 4,398
Stefan Brausch
Yordan Boev
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