Dynamic Search View

The Dynamic Search View plugin adds a new view option, which allows you to configure additional filters on top of your main view.

About this plugin

The Dynamic Search View allows you to configure additional filters at the view’s main page, which are applied after selecting Submit. This allows users to filter and search for jobs in one central view.


The current version of the plugin is a proof of concept and has several significant issues, which are listed here. As always, contributions are appreciated by anyone!


  1. Create a new Dynamic Search View.
  2. Configure the main filters for the view.
    1. You can setup implicit filters and columns.
    2. The plugin also supports standard JobFilter and ListViewColumn extensions.
    3. If you want to filter all jobs, set a regexp filter with the .\* mask
  3. Select your new view.
    1. You can set additional filters on the main view page.
    2. Select Submit to apply the additional filters.

The updated View creation page:

View with additional filters:

Report an Issue

Please report issues and enhancements through the Jenkins issue tracker.