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Dynamic Search View0.2.2Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.509.3ID: dynamic-search-view

Installs: 536
Last released: 2 years ago
Oleg Nenashev
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Adds a new list view, which allows to dynamically specify additional filters.

Plugin Information

View Dynamic Search View on the plugin site for more information.

About this plugin

Dynamic Search View allows setting of additional filters at the view’s main page, which will be applied after clicking on the "Submit" button. So, user is able to filter and search jobs without creation of new Views.


Current version of the plugin is a "proof of concept" and has several significant issues (see below). They will be fixed in future versions. Anyway, feel free to contribute...


  1. Oleg Nenashev (maintainer) 
    1. First version has been sponsored by Synopsys Inc., www.synopsys.com

Usage guide

  1. Create a new view (version 0.1 - "SimpleSearchView")
  2. Configure the view as a typical ListView.
    1. You can able to setup implicit filters and columns.
    2. The plugin also supports standard JobFilter and ListViewColumn extensions
    3. If you want to filter all jobs, just set a regexp filter with ".*" mask
  3. Use your view
    1. You can set additional filters at the view's main page
    2. Filters will be updated after clicking on "Submit" button

The New View creation page:

View with additional filters:

Open issues

Please use Jenkins JIRA to report the issues.

Open issues (${entries.size()} issues)

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Version history

Version 0.2.2 (09/27/2015)

  • (error) Jelly exception in Dynamic Search Views after the restart (JENKINS-27613)
  • (error) Potential NPE in the plugin if the full view configuration is not saved (JENKINS-30663)
  • (error) Potential concurrency issues during the parallel access to Views (JENKINS-30662)

Version 0.2.1 (06/28/2014)

Version 0.2 (01/02/2014)

  • (error) Major bugfix: All sessions use their own session IDs (JENKINS-18975)
  • (plus) Support of default values for the view's form (JENKINS-21192)
  • (info) Added a warning message for JENKINS-19588. The complete fix will be available after fix of JENKINS-21191 in Jenkins core
  • (info) A better layout of the search panel

Version 0.1 (07/07/2013)

  • (plus) Implemented a List View with dynamically-configurable filters
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