Drop Down ViewsTabBar

ID: dropdown-viewstabbar-plugin

DropDown ViewsTabBar Plugin

This plugin provides an alternate rendering of the Views bar which runs along the top of all views. This plugin is useful for instances which have a very large number of views and want a compact rendering.

To use the DropDown ViewsTabBar go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System, select it in the Views Tab Bar drop down box and save the configuration.

Some users report performance problems with this plugin enabled under the following conditions: Nested Views Plugin enabled, many Views created, those Views use complex regex in order to filter jobs, and this plugin configured to show job counts (configurable in System Configuration page).


  • Added possibility to filter empty views in dropdown list
  • Fixed job counts display
  • Changed minimal Jenkins version to 1.546
  • Fixed JENKINS-13114 - dropdown views taskbar: error when saving jenkins config page
  • Fixed JENKINS-13048 dropdown-viewstabbar: cannot save checkbox 'Show Job Counts'
  • Fixed JENKINS-10640, compatibility release for Jenkins 1.425 .. new code in that release changed a lot of existing behavior, and we're still playing catch up. There are some other problems with this Jenkins release that will be addressed in future releases.
  • Fixed JENKINS-10072, Add option for disabling the count in the dropdown tab name
  • Show total jobs in each view (thank you fredg02)
    • e.g. View Name (18)
  • fully I18N
  • initial implementation
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Version: 1.7
Requires Jenkins 1.546
Installs: 953
Michael R
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