Deploy Dashboard by Namecheap


This Jenkins plugin creates a custom view which can be used as a dashboard to display what code release versions have been deployed to what test and production environments (or devices).


Deployment View

Add new view

On the Jenkins main page or folder, click the + tab to start the new view wizard (If you do not see a +, it is likely you do not have permission to create a new view). On the "create new view" page, give your view a name and select the Deployment View type and click ok.

Create view

Select the list of jobs to include in the view. This is exactly the same process as the standard list view that comes with Jenkins.

Configure view 1

Also a regular expression can be used to specify the jobs to include in the view. (e.g.: .* will select all the jobs in the folder)

Create new view 2

How it looks like


You can click on the specific environment and get the release history

Dashboard History

Pipeline | Add a new release to the environment

    string(name: 'version', description: 'App version to deploy'),
    choice(name: 'env', choices: ['dev', 'prod'], description: 'Environment where the app should be deployed')

node {
    stage("Deploy") {
        // Deploy app version ${params.version} to ${params.env} environment
        //add release information to dashboard
        addDeployToDashboard(env: params.env, buildNumber: params.version)

Add action button feature

There is one more useful feature which this plugin can do. You can add the additional buttons to the build sidebar. This feature doesn't have any binding with Deploy Dashboard feature, it's just comfortable to use them together.

Pipeline | Add button

E.g.: We are building an app and add the the button which will link to deployment job

node {
    stage("Build") {
        String builtVersion = "v2.7.5"
        // Build app with ${builtVersion} version

        //Add buttons to the left sidebar
        buildAddUrl(title: 'Deploy to DEV', url: "/job/app-deploy/parambuild/?env=dev&version=${builtVersion}")
        buildAddUrl(title: 'Deploy to PROD', url: "/job/app-deploy/parambuild/?env=prod&version=${builtVersion}")

How it looks like



This plugin is licensed under the Apache license 2.0, see LICENSE.