dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server

ID: dbforge-devops-automation-for-sqlserver


Devart dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server is designed for establishing the Continuous Integration process in Jenkins when developing SQL Server databases.


dbForge DevOps Automation allows establishing the flowing stages of Continuous Integration within a Jenkins project:

  • Build - deploys a database on LocalDB or on a specified SQL Server and generate NuGet package from a Source control repository.
  • Test - runs tSQLt and generates test data.
  • Sync - deploys a NuGet package and synchronizes it with a working DB.
  • Publish - places a NuGet Package to a NuGet feed for further deployment.


dbForge SQL Tools

The dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server plugin requires installation of traditional dbForge tools for its work. All the tools required for establishing the DevOps process in Jenkins are included in dbForge SQL Tools. All the tools that are used by dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server HAVE a trial period.


Jenkins version 2.150 or newer is required.

Help Us to Make it Better

If you have any ideas of how to improve dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server, submit a pull request with your code to us. Upon approval, we will implement the suggested changes.

You can also email us at support@devart.com

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Version: 1.0.92
Requires Jenkins 2.150
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