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Chatter Notifier2.0.4Minimum Jenkins requirement: 1.625.3ID: chatter-notifier

Installs: 63
Last released: 5 months ago
Simon Fell
Stephanie Ortiz
Justin Harringa
Allows users to send build results via Salesforce Chatter


This is a plugin for Jenkins that will post build results to a Chatter feed in Salesforce. You can configure it to post to a specific User (e.g. a build user), a specific group (e.g. a group that owns the build), or a specific record (perhaps you have a custom object that tracks build configs).

Minimum Requirements

This plugin requires at least version 1.22 of the Credentials Plugin.


  1. Install the Chatter Plugin using the Jenkins Plugin Manager.
  2. Create new credentials of the kind "Username with Password"
    1. Remember to include your users API security token if needed as part of the password
  3. Restart the server
  4. Create or update a job
    1. Add post-build action > Chatter Results
    2. Populate the fields as needed:
      1. Credentials
      2. Optional server URL to login to
      3. Record id (record, user, or group) to post results to (leave this blank to post to the user's wall)



  • Utilize proxy configuration (authenticated and unauthenticated from Manage Jenkins → Manage Plugins → Advanced (No Proxy Hosts remains unimplemented)


  • Give contextual build status (FIXED, STILL FAILING)


  • Hosted on jenkins-ci.org
  • Now requires at least version 1.22 of the Credentials Plugin
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