Build Timeout

This plugin allows you to automatically terminate a build if it’s taking too long.

This plugin isn’t applicable to pipelines.


After installing the plugin, go to the "Configure" page for your job and select "Terminate a build if it’s stuck".

Because Java only allows threads to be interrupted at a set of fixed locations, depending on how a build hangs, the abort operation might not take effect. For example,

  • if Jenkins is waiting for child processes to complete, it can abort right away.

  • if Jenkins is stuck in an infinite loop, it can never be aborted.

  • if Jenkins is doing a network or file I/O within the Java VM (such as lengthy file copy or SVN update), it cannot be aborted.

So if you think the build timeout isn’t taking effect, our default assumption is that the build is hanging at the place that cannot be interrupted. If you suspect otherwise, please obtain the thread dump and report it.

Time-out actions with notes

Time-out action Note

Abort and restart the build

Installing Naginator Plugin enables this action