Breachlock DAST

This is a fully integrated Jenkins plugin for Breachlock's Dynamic Application Scanner (DAST).

Our DAST supports, but is not limited to the following:

  1. AI-enabled deep web scans.
  2. OWASP Top 10 Coverage.
  3. Authenticated Scans.
  4. A fast and accurate crawler.
  5. API Security Scanning.
  6. Online Support by Security Experts.



To use the DAST-plugin the following requirements needs to be satisfied:

  1. You will need an account with our SaaS solution.
  2. After onboarding you will need to supply us with your online assets.
  3. Obtain the Jenkins integration API key unique to your company.

Obtaining your API key

After logging in your API key can be found on the Breachlock Platform under:

Organization settings > Integrations > Jenkins

Choose Connect with Jenkins and you will be met with a new window displaying your API key.

Should you in the future wish to review your API key or decide you no longer want the integration with Jenkins to be active you can always revisit the panel.

Setting up the plugin

After installing the plugin you can now add the DAST functionality to freestyle projects.

Go to the configuration options of your desired project and as a build step add the Breachlock DAST scan plugin.

Provide any email-address from that has access to SaaS platform that is mapped under your organization and follow the steps described in Obtaining your API key to get your organization wide API key.

If both fields are validated by our platform we will supply you with a list of registered assets from our platform.

If the asset you are looking for is missing:

  1. Make sure it's registered on the Breachlock Platform.
  2. Check if your Jenkins installation can connect to
  3. Contact support if the problem keeps persisting.

Finally use "Register to Breachlock" to ensure that your Jenkins installation can communicate freely with our SaaS platform.

Starting a scan

An automated scan will start every time a project with the DAST plugin is build. You control when a project is build, so you control when a scan is performed.

Make sure the selected asset is publicly available before engaging in a DAST scan.

On each stage of the scan you will be notified by email on the e-mail address provided in the project setup. After completion you can log in to the Breachlock platform to download the full report.


For support and further questions you can open a Support ticket after logging in to our platform.